Wardens vs Fairfield
in Deer Lodge, September 1, 2017

Wardens 6 Three Forks 41

Stats and News from Coach Munson:
Scoring Summary:        
1st Qtr
FF - Libien Becker 82 yd kick off return - PAT fail
FF - Ryder Meyer 36 pass to Dawson Allen - Keeley Bake PAT
FF - Meyer 15 yd run - Bake PAT good
FF - Allen 49 yd punt return - Bake PAT good
FF - Safety
FF - Becker 1 yd run - PAT fail
3rd Qtr
FF - Cole Staigmiller 2 yd run - PAT kick blocked
4th Qtr
PC - Greydon Nicholson 16 yd pass to Ethan Bossert - PAT kick

• 5 different Warden receivers caught passes for 59 yds
• Execution errors and bad snaps plagued the Warden offense
all night against a stingy Fairfield defense.
• Fairfield special teams were especially strong earning two
touchdowns on punt and kick off returns.  This has been a
particularly weak area for the Wardens having trouble practicing
special teams inside the CPC because of poor air quality.  
• Our boys worked hard this past week to eliminate self
destructive behaviors and improved in this area against a tough
opponent.  This next week we need to focus on eliminating
execution errors to give our offense and defense better
chances to perform better.  This challenge will come against a
tough Anaconda team.

photos from Jenn