On September 29, 1998, Deer
Lodge lost a truly wonderful
Warden Booster of many years.  
Harry Knuchel was always positive
when it came to the coaches, the
players and even the officials.

In memory of Harry, a Warden Fan
is chosen each year that represents
this type of true Warden Spirit.
Gladys and Harry Knuchel
Harry Knuchel Award
"Warden Fan of the Year"
Past Winners:

14-15 "The River" AM & FM

13-14        Mike Grey

12-13         Mike and Jaena Richards

11-12         Chester Munson

10-11         Howard Neckels

09-10         Ed Scharf  

07 - 08       Ted and Gayle Mizner

06 - 07       Gordon Clark

04 - 05       Dr. and Rose Bertoglio

2003          Larry and Mary Gebhardt

2002          Ed Anderson

2001          Beryl Johnson